The Cross, Archaeology, and Orthodox Hymns

If you could go back in time and speak with a 1st-century Roman about crucifixion and how the empire used them, what would they say?
 They might say that "... By [the cross] barbarian nations are subdued, by it the scepters of kings have been secured …" Or, they might say that the cross, “"... grant[s] victory to the faithful over the enemy …" If they had said either of those things, they would be absolutely correct! The cross was an instrument of torture that the Romans used to keep subjected peoples—such as Galileans, Judeans, and other nations—in line. The Romans wanted to instill fear to prevent uprisings and revolts against them. But, isn’t that we Christians also say about the cross? That it grants victory and subdues barbarian nations? Yes … yes it is. So, how can both the Romans and the Christians say the same thing about the cross? After all, one put people on crosses while the other hung on them. The Bottom Line: For Christians, God’s victory comes through defeat!
© 2020 Dustin M. Lyon