The Gospel is offered free of charge, but it comes with the charge to walk the Way!

When I graduated from high school, I wanted to study archaeology and religion. This had been my passion since 4th grade when I saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

So, in the summer of 2001, I moved from my small hometown in Iowa to the big city of Minneapolis to study at the University of Minnesota.

Two weeks after moving into the dorms—and I was one of the lucky ones because I had a sink in my room—the unthinkable happened: 9/11.

Like every other American, my world turned upside down in an instant. We were all afraid.

And, so, like everyone else, I turned to my faith to help me through it. I found a church in Minneapolis of the Protestant denomination I grew up in, but, instead of comfort, I found more confusion.

This church was nothing like the one I grew up in. This congregation had a completely different understanding of who Jesus was and how to understand the Bible.

I thought to myself, “What happened to the church founded by Christ and entrusted to the Apostles?”

It took me three years of searching and traveling to Greece, but I finally found my answer.

The church started by Christ, the one organized by the Apostles, the one which conquered the Roman Empire was still alive and well. Though, today, we know it as the Orthodox Church.

It was here, in the Orthodox Church, that I drew near to Christ. It was here that learned the life-saving message of scripture.

And, so, now I’ve dedicated my life to Christ as a priest, and I do my best to faithfully preach the gospel as it’s always been preached.

© 2020 Dustin M. Lyon